Cinco De Viernes: Sailing through the Pacific or Amazon

1. Google is extraordinary. This time they decided to film the entire Amazon river, and upload it to Google Earth so that we can take a virtual boat ride down the river or explore nearby villages. sweet.

2. Within the stream of adventure stories that I’ve been on, here is one from Bob Goff on sailing the Pacific ocean to Hawaii. I met Bob once, and he’s just as whimsical as his stories are.

3. This blog titled “GOVUS” (whatever that means) has some great photos of the great outdoors. I like em. (Thanks Robbie!)

4. I’m always behind the times of the music front so if you’ve been listening to Of Monsters and Men for well over a year now, congratulations! You’ve been listening to great music! My friend Mike pointed these ones out, and I’m diggin it.


5. This is a cool article on JK Rowling, and how she’s no longer a billionaire. What did she do with it? Blow it all on fountains of Gold and pet tigers? Nope. She gave enough money to charities that she dropped into the millionaire range. Very commendable, Rowling.