Cinco De Viernes: LRA, Lions, and Gungur

1. If you’re on Facebook you’ve probably already seen the video, but I figured I would share anyways. I went to Uganda for two months, and saw first hand what tremendous evil Joseph Kony and his followers did to the country and it’s people. Everyone I met had been affected by the LRA in some terrible way. Everyone had a story of murder, rape or mutilation and even though the LRA has left Uganda their destruction is still felt to this day.

Invisible Children may not be the perfect organization, but nonetheless they have done a TON OF GOOD in Uganda and other African countries. Watch the video, donate to their cause OR

if i may suggest…

Donate to Children of the Nations. They are the organization I went with.Your money would go directly to the children’s village I lived in, and would go to the upbringing of children orphaned by the LRA. You can rest assure your money will be well used, and much needed.

Also, pray for Joseph and his followers. We are all sinners, and God in his power and mercy can change the most wicked of hearts into a child of God.

2. Sweet story of a photographer and a lion.

3. Remember when Harold Camping predicted that the world was going to end, and Jesus was coming back, and than the day came and passed with no Jesus? Well Harold has finally come to the light, and has apologized for his lies.

4. New Gungur album is good, good.

5. And to keep in theme of mostly videos, here’s a great compilation of Troy and Abed’s secret handshake. (HT: TylerTarver)