Cinco de Viernes: OH MY GOODNESS!

Don’t worry everybody Cinco de Viernes is continuing forward in this new year! Surprisingly with the end of the world fast approaching the internet continues to churn out interesting articles, cat pictures, and funny videos. With my keen eye for excellence I present the five things on the internet that captured my attention for more then 10 seconds.

1) JL gets his car stolen.

First thing first. Let’s say I tromped through the London underground looking for sweet treasures, and stumbled upon the last living Pegasus. Completely stoked, I rode the winged horse back to America where I met a pawn shop owner who said he would like to make a trade for the Pegasus and offered the writing skills of Ole’ Longbrake. And let’s say that I made the swap. Fair trade? I say, yes.

Second thing second. I feel bad for this guy. My marange-with-a-hue-of-magenta colored camry was my fellow companion on many merry (and a small number of miserable) adventures, and it was a sad day when the day came to sell it. Having to sell was sad, but having my car stolen would have been the pits. Hang in there Joshua!

2) Oooh ouch. Giving up is appropriate if this happens to you.

3) Let it be known that I have never watched even the tiniest blip of the popular tv shows The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. BUT! I have read EVERY SINGLE RECAP presented by Knox McCoy. With his beautiful imagery of the mansion that the contestants stay in, the fantastic nicknames he gives everyone, and his devotion FOR LOVE! Knox recaps on each episode with comedic gold.

4) A portrait/photo series of every U.S. President. I like Nixon’s.

5) Wednesday the 11th was National Human Trafficking Day. Want to act against human trafficking? They say the first thing to do is to become informed. The Resurgence blog posted this list of recommended reading on the subject. Inform yourself.

 Welp, that’s all I got for this week. Anyone find some interesting internetry that your dying to share? Post it in the comments!

  • gabriella

    Have you heard of these ladies? They are a team of 5 who are rowing across the atlantic. yes. ROWING across the atlantic as a response to human trafficking.


    (If you had to choose one, you rather row, fly like Jeb, or be on the Bachelor?)

    (I read the verses in Job. God is so powerful. and the ocean would be a pretty sick trampoline. Imagine how far you could go…)

  • Tyler Smith

    Rowing across the Atlantic. That is ridiculous. Sounds like something out of an adventure novel.