Cinco de Viernes – LIGHTNING FAST

This Cinco De Viernes has been created at lightning fast speeds! Today I’m attending a conference at my church that will “equip me to naturally, and organically share the gospel” with the people in my life. They also feed me good food. It’s going to be great. Since I’ll be away from the computer all day I wanted to pump out this Friday blog for you all readers. My friend is playing the Banjo behind me so this version will have a bit more twang to it. Enjoy!

1) This guy Peter Enns has a great blog where he mostly posts on the Creationism vs. Evolution debate that battles in the Evangelical sphere. All that stuff is pretty interesting, but I really got a kick out of his blog “Why It’s Good to Doubt God.” My favorite part was the part about Mother Teresa. Check it.

2) Ashley one of my uber-art friends posted this creative video early on this week. It’s a motivational video on Storytelling narrated by Ira Glass (the dude on NPR with the funny voice). His message is true for storytellers or any kind of artist. Lots and lots of volume.

3) N.T. Wright translated the New Testament. Freaking Wright. Who does this?

4) I think we all could do more of this.

5) And in honor of my friend and his twangy banjo here’s some Avvett Brothers.

Nos Vemos Muchachos y Muchachas!