Cinco de Viernes: The Glow Stick Ocean Edition

Rain, shine, rain, shine, rain, shine. It’s been a wishy washy week with the rain dropping in and than the sun bringing its rays to clear it up. The fall weather has definitely arrived, and it’s time to bring out those jackets and wear things to keep your ears warm. I have a one coffee per morning rule, but with these nippy mornings its been hard to keep. Anyways, here’s five things that get the people going.

1.) A woman who worked with the dying for years wrote a little piece giving the top five regrets people make on their deathbed. My grandpa’s 93, and is healthy enough that he won’t be on his way out for at least a few more years, but being at his age he’s constantly impressing on me and my brothers the importance of making the time to keep close with your family and friends. He’d give a thumbs up to advice number 4.

2.) Red Tide has been raging this year on the California coast causing bioluminescence at night. Scientists are completely baffled on what causes it, but us Christians know that it’s just God pouring glow sticks into the ocean. Seriously though, if you live in SoCal you need to round up some buddies and go for a night swim. Very fun, very memorable.

3.) A charismatic speaker, a mind of brilliance, clever and cutthroat, a strong personality, and an out of the box thinker. The man was fascinating. Here are two articles out of the many out there. This and this. Goodbye Jobs.

4.) This article sets to show why numbers matter to God. As someone who has said, “Numbers don’t matter” I have changed my thinking.

5.) Brennan Manning the Ragamuffin has written his last book. I’ve never read any of his works, but after reading this review I’ve got him in the queue.

Climb some mountains, drink some coffee, and wrestle with a bear. Have a good weekend!