Cinco De Viernes: Dead Satellites and World of Warcraft Math

How can Fridays be bad? The final day of work before TWO WHOLE DAYS of freedom AND it’s the day that I get paid. Of course I won’t be spending the paycheck on the stuff I want to use it on (jet skis, cookies, and engineering plans for a blimp), because it has to go towards responsible things (rent, school loans, laundry detergent, i.e. boring stuff.) But nonetheless I am happy today is Friday. As usual here’s the cool internet things that I found when I should have been working.

1) Ever been to North Korea? Yea me neither, but these people have. Apparently North Korea is trying to up their tourism, and are letting a select few people come tour their country. When you visit Hawaii you are greeted with a lei, in North Korea they throw down red carpet and have their civilians perform a choreographed flower dance. That’s tight. Follow the link for super cool pictures of the country.

2) Shaun King (some Georgian Pastor) has stepped down from his ultra-mega-super church that he founded. The church he founded focused on getting people in the door with high-energy, super hip church services. The church was a great success, but over time he realized that few people in his congregation were actually being disciples of Christ. After some struggling he stepped down. This is a great reminder to all churches to ensure that it’s priorities are in check. When the church’s focus lies on entertainment and numbers and loses site of the whole following Jesus bit than they’ve got trouble.

A good quote from Shaun,

What I am saying is that church attendance, Sunday morning services, sermon-listening (or even sermon preaching), song-singing, hand-clapping, amen-saying and all the other things that “Christ-ians” have lifted up so high look so little like Christ himself that I am utterly convinced that we are completely off base with what discipleship means. Considering all of this, I think I have given up on church as I knew it. Big buildings. Huge crowds.  Few disciples. I’m not with it. It’s inefficient and just doesn’t feel right with my soul. This is not a rejection of big buildings or huge crowds, but an indictment on how few disciples are being made in the process of it all. A better way has to exist.

A great and insightful book about this is Renovation of the Church. Written by two pastors that experienced a similar experience with their own church they detail their churches transformation. Highly recommended by me.

3) Book of Adam is a half-comic, half-story blog by a guy in Portland named Adam. You’ll heart with explode with laughter from his tales. You’ve been warned.

4) I must have missed this train, because every time I start raving about The Khan Academy people are all “yea whatever man, that’s sooo last year.” Well for all of you that missed this site like me, let me introduce you. The Khan Academy is devoted to free education and has TONS of well made videos and practice problems on history, science and math. My favorite part is the math practice skill tree. It’s like leveling in World of Warcraft, but with math problems. Right now I’m arithmetic spec’d, but I’m working on becoming Algebra so that I can tank those trig problems. Get smart.

5) Don’t get hit by falling spacecraft.

Have a blessed weekend!